Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Enjoy your view?


No, I didn't draw it, but you just can't make up stuff this funny. A brief history. There is a pretty low rent apt complex that had some 'luxury' town homes built next to them(the ones on the left.) The town homes have their backs to the apts. and there are maybe 2 small windows that face them. On the other side of the town homes was a double lot house with an extensive garden. The town homes looked down into the yard of the house. I hate that. But eventually the house was demolished. Hate that even more. Now the hilarious part. Even bigger, more 'luxurious' town homes(the ones on the right) were built on the lot the house stood on. These new ones have their back to, guess what? That's right, the old luxury town homes. It's kind of awesome to see the once 'luxury' town homes now relegated to being the big brother of the shady apts. And good luck trying to sell. Guess they'll have to demolish them and build bigger ones now.

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