Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A groaner.

This is from a few years ago. Done on the back of a menu at work. Drawn directly in ball point.

It's funny to put all this material in one place. Remembering the mental state I was in at a given time. In this piece for example. I was reading a TON of cartoon books. I had just acquired 'The Complete Cartoons of the New Yorker', was picking up and digging into works by Gahan Wilson, Mort Gerberg, George Herriman, George Booth, Charles Addams and others. I had this idea that I needed to try and develop a one panel 'style'. Throughout my drawing life I have tried to stay away from an intentional style, mainly because I have never had any idea of how to analyze the fundamentals of a particular style in such a way as to consciously incorporate or imitate it. I know a guy who has always impressed me with his quick grasp and mastery of the fundamentals of the way something was presented. Whenever I have tried to make my work fit into a style of conscious presentation, I have found that it is usually quite unpleasing to me(and not very well executed at all.)

So here is one of my attempts to draw 'cartoon-y'. Meh.

Lately though, I have been trying to focus on developing a 'big-foot' style. I could be wrong, but it seems that this idea of 'style' has more to do with, stay with me here, stylizing your own style. If that makes sense. If not, sorry. I don't feel like going further into that idea right now. Feel like I have used my entire day's quota of the word 'style'.

I have had a few ideas all of a sudden and have become sidetracked. I will have 'new' new work up soon.

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